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Amber Meegan

About Me


I love coffee (…but not Starbucks).


I have an irrational fear of running out of condiments.


I am also a Libra…and also an Enneagram 2.


I am mildly obsessed with personality assessments: ENFP, Hufflepuff House, True Colors: Blue


My favorite flower is a Fireweed because I believe beautiful things can bloom from ashes.

I have no formal training, but

dancing makes my soul happy.

My Story

I have a passion for sitting with people through difficult times. While I believe in finding solutions to challenges, I also believe that there are times that we simply need to make space for our existing chasms of life.


I am intrigued by the experience of what it means to be a human and approach each individual with compassion and curiosity. I have a heart for miscarriage and infant loss and have experience with grieving communities. It is my honor to sit with people in the sacred and difficult space of grief. 


Additionally, I am passionate about women’s issues related to body image, ADHD, and self-compassion. 


I work best with adults and kiddos who are 12+. 


Amber's rate is $120/hr and she is unable to accept insurance.

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