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10 Mood Improving Changes You Can Make to Your Bedroom Right Now

I want to live in spaces that reflect the real me.  I want every room to tell you something about who I am and where I’ve been.  When I stand in the center of my home, I want to feel supported in every direction by every piece of art or furniture.  Love, calm, whimsey & clarity - these are my decorating anchors because this is what I want the people I love to feel when they come home.   

Today’s Exercise in Creating Space - Stand in the center of any room in your house.  Describe the current state of that room.  If the words you use to describe that space aren’t words you want to use to describe your life, it’s time to change the space

Ten Mood Improving Changes You Can Make to Your Bedroom Right Now:

  1. Two words: New. Bedding. Fresh sheets, a new quilt, some pretty pillows…there’s no substitute.  It’s the control-alt-delete of remaking your bedroom.  

  2. Lighting. Get some new lamps or move some different lamps in from another rooms.  In the absence of a revolving decorating budget (my life’s ambition), transplanting pieces from other rooms works too.

  3. Curate a scent for your bedroom that smells how you want to feel. You might collect all the candles around the house and hoard them for yourself or make a homemade linen spray with water and your favorite essential oils.  

  4. Sunlight. Open the curtains and let the sun in. If you really want to shift some energy, open the windows too.  

  5. Rearrange. Move the furniture around. Don’t get hung up on Feng Shui or the rules of decorating, just rearrange some shit and see how it feels. Rearranging your furniture opens the mind to new possibilities and promotes neurogenesis.   

  6. Green Things. Buy yourself some flowers or cut some stems from the ecosystem around you and stick them in a vase. 

  7. Love. Write yourself some love notes and place them in strategic spots around the room (mirrors, doors and inside books). Even better idea - ask people who love you to write you some love notes and stick those around the room.  

  8. Go nuts. Take the television out of your bedroom. For the record, I would never do that because that’s just crazy, but research shows it’s a healthy move. 

  9. Art. Put something on the wall that tells a story about you. I love the Expect Miracles print created by Sugarboo & Co. Click on the link. Order it now. You deserve it or something like it.  

  10. Purge. Grab a box. Put everything that doesn’t belong in your bedroom (aka other people’s crap) into that box. Now put that box in another room.  

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