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10 Outfits That Might Cure Depression

  1. Elastic wasted anything and an old sweatshirt. Double points if your shirt has any of these words on it: f$*k, wine, love, no, whatever. 

  2. Stretchy black pants and a long black tunic. Nothing says “Not today” like stretch nylon and all black. Triple points if you pair it with a racy, gothic mani/pedi.

  3. A pair of ultra baggy jeans, an oversized cardigan and an old concert t-shirt that reminds you of when you were fun.

  4. A maxi skirt and a giant sweater. If the day gets really bad, you can make like a turtle and hide in your clothes.

  5. Button fly stretch jeans with magically, slimming pockets.

  6. A bra and panty that actually fit.  

  7. High wasted yoga pants and the longest, softest t-shirt you can find.  

  8. For those times when even your skin is depressed, a granny nightgown.

  9. A new pair of shoes. Doesn’t matter what shoes, the important thing really is that you put those shoes on and walk right out of whatever unhappy situation you’re in that’s adding to your depression. The job, the relationship, the argument…depressed girls can’t afford to stay in unhappy, we’re all stocked up on it.

  10. A robe. A luxurious, buttery, beautiful, makes-everything-else-you-own-feel-like-crap ROBE! And you wear that robe Sister, you wear it like it’s going out of style, you wear it in the morning, in the evening, in the whenever-the-f$@k-you-want because you f@$king can.  

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