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Being Kind To Yourself is a Whole Lifestyle.

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Adopt being kind to yourself as a way of life. How, you ask? Like this -

  1. Apologize to yourself more often.

  2. Stay hydrated.

  3. Let go of people who mistreat you, even if you’re blood related.

  4. Eat the cupcake.

  5. Sleep 10 extra minutes.

  6. Practice SELF GRATITUDE.

  7. Go to therapy.

  8. Wear something sparkly.

  9. Get ahead on something.

  10. Get the tattoo.

  11. Say “yes” to the offer of help.

  12. Say “no” to anything that requires fake smiling.

  13. Let yourself be a little late.

  14. Forgive yourself.

  15. Forgive yourself.

  16. Forgive yourself.

  17. Add extra cheese.

  18. Take vitamins.

  19. Inhale.

  20. Exhale.

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