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Lies, Half Truths & Neurotic Fantasies

Mostly True Information About High Functioning Girls with Depression Presents:  Lies, Half Truths & Neurotic Fantasies.

1. You are responsible for every single bad thing that is happening in the lives of everyone you love: LIE. People are fucking up their own lives, it has nothing to do with you.

2. Staying in bed all day in your pajamas, watching The Handmaid’s Tale and avoiding the world will make you feel better: HALF TRUTH. The Handmaid’s Tale will not make you feel better. It will make you want to move to Canada.

3. Running away will solve everything: NEUROTIC FANTASY. Running away solves nothing, unless you and your BFF are being chased by Harvey Keitel and Brad Pitt has sex with you before stealing all your money (you have to be at least 35 to understand the real truth of this).

4. Depression is your fault: LIE. Depression is biology. Period.

5. Everyone hates you: HALF TRUTH. Only some of the people hate you.

6. Everyone you love would be better off if you were dead: NEUROTIC FANTASY + LIE. Approximately 12 million women in the US are living with depression right now. Not a single one of them is stronger, braver or more deserving than you or I. Let’s stay and see what happens.

7. Depression is your enemy: LIE. Depression is your ally, keeping you low to the ground for safety, like the big ropes that anchor hot air balloons to the Earth.

8. No one understands you, no one wants to hear about it and you should remain silent: HALF TRUTH. It’s true, no one will understand your depression, but good friends are eager to listen and silence will kill you.

9. You will never get better: LIE. You are actually getting better right now. Like, literally, now.

10. You are failing at everything because of depression: HALF TRUTH. You’re probably failing at some things, but you would be doing that even without depression. TBH, Failure makes you more interesting.

11. Everyone you love is going to die: This one is actually true. Everyone you love is going to die.

12. We’re all looking at you and we can tell that you’re not okay: NEUROTIC FANTASY. We are definitely not looking at you. We’re busy worrying that everyone is looking at us, noticing how not okay we are.

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