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New Year Resolutions that Almost Cure Depression

HFGWD presents, “New Year Resolutions that Almost Cure Depression.”

  1.  Stop wearing bras that don’t fit.

  2. Don’t spend time with people who want to fix you.

  3. Decline invites to places and parties that require fake smiling.

  4. Spend the extra money on the jeans you really want.

  5. Stop watching, reading and listening to depressing shit. I love a good binge watch but fuck Netflix and their sad ass “Marriage Story.” No thanks Netflix, no thanks.

  6. Don’t spend time with people who think it’s your job to fix them.

  7. Let someone else volunteer for a change.

  8. Go to bed on time.

  9. Choose a fight song for 2020, buy a bluetooth speaker for your bathroom and blast that fight song every time you shower.

  10. And finally, the coup de grâce of almost-cures for depression, do a fierce and fiery de-clutter of your home and vehicle. 

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