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Real Talk

Mostly True Information About High Functioning Girls With Depression Presents:  REAL TALK.

1.  High functioning girls with depression are hard to spot.

2. In fact we HAVE heard about the benefits of diet and exercise, but appreciate the reminder.

3. High functioning girls with depression tend to over produce and over achieve because being busy is safer than murder and benzos.

4. Although at times it may appear that we hate you, we don’t. Unless you’re giving a lot of unwanted advice (refer to no. 2), in which case, yeah, we totally hate you.

5. Every morning we put on the uniform, go to work, feed the kids, never complain (It’s called, “Mostly True”) and almost never ask for help, until finally, one day, the whole thing blows up in an inferno of carbs, amazon deliveries and vague but adorable posts on social media.

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