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Shit That is Easier Said Than Done

Mostly True Information about High Functioning Girls with Depression Presents: Shit that is Easier Said than Done.

1. Just feeling better.

2. Talking about it with friends.

3. Not feeling like a burden to everyone who loves you.

4. Skinny jeans.

5. Explaining symptoms to your doctor because high functioning girls with depression don’t have time for symptoms.

6. Keeping a bra on all day.

7. Exercise, or anything closely related, like dieting, vitamins, yoga, acupuncture, juice cleansing, journaling, spin class, your friend who reads tarot cards, running, running with friends, running at all, Zumba…all of these things help with depression but NO ONE who actually has depression has the consistent energy for them.

8. Not eating 6 doughnuts yesterday.

9. Thinking positively. Mostly because thinking positively is dumb, but also because depression chemistry prefers catastrophic thoughts related to fatal viruses from other countries, nuclear warfare and the sudden loss of everything and everyone you love.

10. Laundry.

11. Seeing the connection between my depression and that one time in 2014 when your boyfriend of 2 years broke up with you.

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