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You’re Not Depressed, You’re an Asshole

High Functioning Girls with Depression Presents, “You’re Not Depressed, You’re an Asshole.”

1.  You used to be really good at communicating your feelings to your spouse, but these days you hardly feel anything at all. You might be depressed.

2.  You have a lot of things you want to address with your spouse but don’t mention any of them until he/she wants to talk about that hurtful thing you did last week. You’re an asshole.

3.  You feel emotionally distant from your kids even though you desperately want to connect with them. You might be depressed.

4.  You miss a lot of important events in your kids lives because you’re “busy.” You’re an asshole.  Also, you’re missing the point of life.

5.  You want to spend time with your friends but can’t find the energy or motivation to put on clothes, much less leave the house. You might be depressed.

6.  You want to spend time with your friends but only if they will come to your house and do what you want. You’re an asshole.

7.  You avoid social events because having to interact with people drains you (mind, body and soul). You might be depressed.

8.  You avoid social events because you drink too much and almost always make out with someone else’s husband. You’re an asshole.

9.  You’re seldom hungry but mindlessly eat anyway just to feel alive. You might be depressed.

10.  You eat whatever you want and never gain weight. You’re an asshole.

11.  You feel lonely and isolated despite knowing that people love you. You might be depressed.

12.  You feel lonely and isolated because no one likes you. You’re an asshole.

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