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You’re Probably Depressed: THE COLLEGE EDITION

Mostly True Information about HFGWD presents You’re Probably Depressed: The College Edition

Co-Authored by The Magnificent Cameron Ramon

I.    You’re sleeping more than you’re eating.

II.   You’re sleeping more than you’re studying.

III.  You’re sleeping more than you’re dating.

IV.   You think Tinder hookups count as dating.

V.    Your social circle consists of your roommate and her boyfriend.

VI.   You think midnight trips to sketchy Walmarts count as getting out.

VII.  Sweat pants.

VIII. The cashier at the liquor store doesn’t card you anymore.

IX.   It feels like the world is against you but tbh you don’t care.

X.    You’re probably failing most of your classes but tbh you don’t care about that either.

XI.   IF you care about anything, you care about Netflix and sleeping.

XII.  You have meds that are supposed to help but you can’t wake up on time to take them.

XIII. You’ve contemplated suicide but that sounds like a lot of work and tbh there’s this part of you that is really wanting to live.

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