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About Me...

Hi! I’m Amber Davis, not to be confused with our therapist, Amber Meegan. I am typically the first person you speak to on the phone when you decide to come to therapy, and I am privileged to be that person!


You’ll see me at the Bird & Branch office, greeting you when you come for your therapy session. We will probably chat if you’re up for it because I love people! I manage the practice, projects for the team, and coordinate Bird & Branch workshops…I’ll be the curly haired chick in the back smiling from ear to ear watching the workshop magic unfold!

  • I love adventure.

  • I’m always searching for that feeling of “awe” and tend to find it on top of mountains, under big trees, and in the sound of my daughters’ belly laughs.

  • I bore easily but love a schedule.

  • I’ve been known to rearrange my house because of said boredom.

  • I spent 4 years scooping a variety of animal poop…fun fact: hippo poop is heavy, especially at the bottom of a pool.

  • I live for endorphins and must push myself daily to get my dose.

  • I am a sensitive Pisces and will spend hours after a party replaying every conversation in my head.

  • I know the lyrics to almost every song, but typically have no idea who sings them.

  • I play piano by ear and am a classically trained dancer. 

  • I love the musty smell of cats and the breathy sound puppies make when you pick them up.

  • I believe dance parties cure all.

  • I decided to become a vegetarian when I was 16 but can’t resist my husband’s turkey chili…shh let’s keep that between us.

  • I am a licensed realtor, property manager, and graduate of Loyola University Chicago.

  • I hate that no matter how hard I try, I typically fall asleep on the couch within 20 minutes of starting a movie.

  • I used to get terrible marks in conduct for “talking too much.”

  • My favorite is deep, meaningful, conversations and I like to have them with everyone I meet.

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