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About Me

  • I love shoes and doughnuts.

  • I'm a Libra, through and through.

  • I'm an Enneagram 2 and 3, in almost equal parts, and I completely resent it.

  • I love pink.

  • I don't shower at night if no one is home because it's too scary.

  • I love Halloween.

  • I hate Thanksgiving.

  • I buy loads of books but almost never read them.

  • I paint, but not well.

  • I write. 

  • Writing is my favorite.

  • Gifts are my love language.

  • I change my hair a lot so don't get attached to it.

  • My favorite movie is The Goonies.


Michelli Ramon

I'm a SOCIAL WORKER by trade and people often wonder how social work and therapy are connected.  The answer is simple - social work, at it's core, is the study of humans in social environments.  We're trained in psychopathology but also in social justice and public health issues that impact human development, issues such as racism, education and healthcare dynamics. A therapist trained in social work is not only prepared to diagnose and treat your anxiety but also ready to help you access healthcare and advocate for anxiety related accommodations at school or at work. We're like, the whole package!

I'm also a Libra, a mom and a fanatic for the human condition. I fall in love with people at first sight and I’m curious about most everyone I meet.  To me, each person is his and her own exquisite ecosystem and I am never not surprised by the wild comings and goings of the human mind.


My journey through social work, writing, motherhood and girlhood has guided me toward an ever-evolving set of core beliefs that inform everything I do, including the way I do therapy:


I believe peace is the highest goal we can set for ourselves.


I believe most of our suffering is born from the stories we tell ourselves.


I believe in magic, miracles and the Divinity of all life.


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