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Image by Steve Johnson

Michelle Guilmette Vaughn

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  • I am also a Libra... and also an Enneagram 2...welcome! 

  • My favorite colors are glitter and rainbow.

  • I love the sound of the ocean at sunset. 

  • Social Work chose me and I love my profession. I believe in advocacy, justice, equity, and love. 

  • I am constantly learning and would like to learn all things by osmosis.

  • I am proud of my connection to the military as an Army Brat.

  • Laughter and connection are at the heart of the human condition. 

  • I believe coffee should always be iced, unless it is below 40 degrees outside. 

  • I can't eat gluten; I can let you know the best places in town to enjoy delicious food (and coffee).

  • I struggle writing concise, non-compound sentences. 

What I do...

I have been told "she will meet resistance with patience, gentleness, and freedom for you to exist exactly as you are" in the therapy room. You deserve to show up exactly as you are; all forms of you are always welcome. 

I support clients through the human experience with humor, clinical expertise, advocacy, and a sprinkle of magic. Also with snacks, (iced) coffee, and poetry. I specialize in grief and loss, anticipatory grief, anxiety, depression, trauma recovery, serious and chronic illness, life transitions, self-esteem, self-harm, suicidal ideation, and family of origin conflict. 

Clients I work best with are often connected to one or more of these groups: seeking empathy, directness, and a soft place to set down the heavy things in life; a desire to navigate their struggles; preteens to young adults (40 is still young!); LGBTQIA+; open to laughter and tears; strive for authenticity and a dose of audacity; enjoy art, music, and sitting on the floor; fans of thinking outside the box; struggle with connection; appreciate language and the little things; and want to feel heard. 


Therapies I love include cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, expressive arts, sand tray therapy, play therapy, crisis stabilization, solution focused therapy, motivational interviewing, somatic experiencing, and being human.

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