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Accessories that Won’t Let You Down and Might Cure Depression

  1. A piece of jewelry inherited from someone you love.  My favorite is a fancy ring given to me by my godmother.  I only wear it when I need to feel like a badass.  

  2. Enormous earrings. Ones big enough to distract from your resting bitch face.

  3. Something weird.  I have a rhinestone encrusted bracelet shaped like a jaguar.  Its an accessory with a clear message, “I’m probably not the one you want to f*$k with today.”

  4. A giant bag. Big enough to hold your snacks and meds, stylish enough to make people think you’re still interested in the opinions of others.

  5. Lightweight concealer you can reapply throughout the day to hide signs of exhaustion and intermittent crying.  My favorite is the Shape Tape by Tarte (no one paid me to tell you that).  

  6. Velvet scrunchies.  

  7. Perfume that smells how you want to feel. 

  8. A coffee mug that says something you always need to hear.  My favorite was gifted to me by one of my bffs.  It’s blue with bold, white letters and says, “Don’t Freak Out.”

  9. Beautiful prayer beads you can wrap around your wrist like a bracelet. Dab a little of your favorite essential oil on your beads, you’ll smell like a spa.  My favorite oil is a mixture by NOW called “Peace.” only because they don’t have one called “Fine. Whatever.”

  10. Finally, the accessory critical to your survival as a girl or a girl with depression, good headphones.  Wear them when you’re in public so you can pretend not to hear people.

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